The Tattler Volume 5 Number 7 
Brownwood High School
Year :
January 6, 1925        
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Newspaper)
Pages :
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
The Tattler Volume 5 Number 7
Other editions: None


"The Ideal Girl"
"The Kissing of Sal Snooboo" (poem)
Partial List of Other Contents
"Good Program Precedes Holidays" – Unsigned
"The Tragedy of Desert Islands" by Robert Arselle
"Twin Discoveries" by Fairfax Downey
"Heard It?" – Unsigned
First appearance:
"The Ideal Girl" and "The Kissing of Sal Snooboo"
[Tevis] Clyde Smith — Editor-In-Chief
Doris Gregory — Associate Editor
Sue Frances Gilliam — Society Editor
Bruin Bear — Scandal
Temple Phinney — Exchange Editor
Lloyd Nixon — Managing Editor
Ned McCulley — Advertising Manager
Robert Hall — Asst. Adver. Man.
Wm. Stewart — Make-Up Editor