The Tattler Volume 3 Number 12 
Brownwood High School
Year :
March 15, 1923          
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Newspaper)
Pages : 8 
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
The Tattler Volume 3 Number 12
Other editions: None


"The Sheik"
"Robert Howard: Short Story Writer" — unsigned
Short article on REH. See Notes below.
Partial List of Other Contents
"Dr. Gamel, Noted Boyologist Spends Week in High School"  Unsigned
"Senior Boys Spend Night in Wilderness"
"Reds Defeat Scurbs from Daniel Baker"
"Senior Picnic"  Unsigned
"Universal Events Club" — Unsigned
First appearance: "The Sheik"
Claude C. Curtis — Editor-In-Chief
C.S. Boyles, Jr. — Associate Editor
Alton C. Dorsett — Business Manager
John E. Friley, Jr. — Advertising Manager
Grace Cook — Society Editor

Josephine Stanley — Joke Editor
Ilene Embrey — Exchange Editor
Miss Maedgen — Censor

Have you been reading Robert Howard's stories in The Tattler for several issues back? If you haven't you are missing a treat. His Christmas story received commendation from the editor of The Brownwood Bulletin and his later stories are just as good.

We are fortunate in having such a good writer here in our school and we hope he will keep up his contributions. The stories are mostly written in the style of O Henry, Bret Harte, and Mark Twain, and are just as interesting as their stories. His stories have plenty of action and are spicy with near-cuss words and slang. If for nothing else The Tattler is worth a dime and over if it has a story written by Robert Howard. Read "The Sheik" in this issue!