Swords of Havoc
Black Stone Press
Year : August 2020    
Book No. : ASIN: B08GR7Y2YB
Edition : 1st
Format : eBook (Kindle)
Pages : 71
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None

"Solomon on the Spanish Main"
by Fred Blosser (article)  

Revised and updated from "Solomon Kane: Pirate" in CROSS PLAINS, 1974.
"Solomon and the Devils of the Black Forest"
by Fred Blosser (article)  

Revised and updated from "Solomon in the Black Forest" in CROSS PLAINS, 1975.
"Scourge of the Iron Vulture: A Glossary of Who's Who in 'The Shadow of the Vulture"
by Fred Blosser (article)  

"Swords of Havoc" by Fred Blosser
"Whispers in the Skull" by Fred Blosser

Kindle utilizes the mobi format.
As a homage to REH, SWORDS OF HAVOC imagines two encounters between swashbuckling figures similar to those REH created, with an added element of Lovecraftian supernatural fantasy.

What if Robert E. Howard’s two great characters of the Sixteenth Century -- a blackclad, sword-wielding nemesis of evil and a hot-tempered, red-haired woman warrior of Russian Cossack heritage -- had ever met on the turbulent frontier where the warring European nations bumped up against the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman?

    Swords of Havoc
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