Swords Against Darkness 
Venture Press
Year :
June 2017
Book No. : ASIN: B072QY1WNG
Edition : 1st
Format : eBook (Kindle)
Pages : 245
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : None
Swords Against Darkness    
Other editions:

"Nekht Semerkeht" (Completed by Andrew J. Offutt)
Non-REH Content
"Foreword" by Andrew J. Offutt
"The Tale of Hauk" by Poul Anderson
"The Smile of Oisia" by Geo. W. Proctor
"Pride of the Fleet" by Bruce Jones
"Straggler From Atlantis" by Manly Wade Wellman
"The Ring of Set" by Richard Tierney
"Laragut's Bane" by Raul Garcia Capella
"Dragon's Teeth" by David Drake
"The Sustenance of Hoak" by Ramsey Campbell
Edited by Andrew J. Offutt
"Nekht Semerkeht" is the last story REH ever worked on.