Steve Costigan le champion (Steve Costigan - The Champion) 
Year :
March 1987
Book No. : ISBN-10: 2-7304-0424-4
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 172
Cover art : Jean-Michel Nicollet
Illustrations : None
Steve Costigan le champion  
Other editions:

"Gentleman Steve" by Francois Truchaud (Preface)
"Les Vikings du ring" ("Vikings of the Gloves")
"La Nuit de la bataille" ("Night of Battle")
"Match contre la montre" ("The Slugger's Game")
"Le Général Poing d'Acier" ("General Ironfist")
"La Pêche au trésor" ("Sluggers of the Beach")
"Blue River blues" ("Blue River Blues")
"La Loi du requin" ("By the Law of the Shark")
"Un cocktail explosif" ("Flying Knuckles")
"Steve Costigan et le fakir"
("Sailor Costigan and the Swami")
Translated by Francois Truchaud
The following are first appearances:
"Blue River Blues"
"By the Law of the Shark"
"Flying Knuckles"
Fantasy / SF / Adventure Book #187
Robert E. Howard Book #29 of 37
3rd of 3 Steve Costigan volumes
Language: French