Steve Costigan. Pugni, pupe & pericoli
(Steve Costigan. Fists, Gals & Dangers)
Providence Press
Year :
April 2019  
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9788894910209
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket  (14.8 x 21 centimeters)
Pages : 366
Cover art : Michele D’Aloisio
Illustrations : None
 Steve Costigan. Pugni, pupe & pericoli

Full wraparound cover shown below.

Other editions:

"Cavolfiori acculturati" ("Cultured Cauliflowers")
"Costigan il marinaio e la minaccia turca" ("Sailor Costigan and the Turkish Menace")
"Costigan il marinaio e il Cobra Giallo" ("Sailor Costigan and the Yellow Cobra")
"Costigan il marinaio e la Scimmia di Giada" ("Sailor Costigan and the Jade Monkey")
"Vicoli di tenebra" ("Alleys of Darkness")
"Costigan il marinaio e il gorilla del destino" ("Sailor Costigan and the Destiny Gorilla")
"Un nuovo sport per Costigan" ("A New Game for Costigan")
"Pugni di Natale" ("A Two-Fisted Santa Claus")
"Pugni corazzati" ("Iron-Clad Fists")
"Vicoli di tradimento" ("Alleys of Treachery") (featuring Dennis Dorgan)
Exclusive Deluxe Edition Contents
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. October 1930,
"It is with greatest delight that I learn . . ."
"Reuben’s Brethren" (poem)
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. December 1930,
"As always, your letter proved highly . . ."
"A Dream"
Non-REH Contents
H.P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard, October 4, 1930

Language: Italian
Series: Edizione Deluxe
Edited by Giacomo Ortolani
Translated by Gianfranco Calvitti  
Limited to 80 numbered copies
The texts for the first nine stories are from THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF DENNIS DORGAN (FAX Collectors Editions, 1974).  The texts were revised to change Dennis Dorgan to Steve Costigan, bulldog Spike to Mike, and ship The Python to The Sea Girl.
Steve Costigan. Pugni, pupe & pericoli