Solomon Kane: A Saga Completa
Year :
Book No. : ISBN-13: 978-85-63993-57-1
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback (16 x 23 centimeters)
Pages : 242 plus x and 4 unnumbered pages
Cover art : Ricardo Troula
Illustrations : An uncredited illustration of a moon and its reflection in water appears with the title for each story.

       Solomon Kane: A Saga Completa
Other editions:

"Introdução"  ("Introduction")  
"Sombras Vermelhas" ("Red Shadows")
"As Caveiras nas Estrelas" ("Skulls in the Stars")
"O Chacoalhar de Ossos" ("Rattle of Bones")
"A Lua das Caveiras" ("The Moon of Skulls")
"As Colinas dos Mortos" ("Hills of the Dead")
"Passos Interiores" ("The Footfalls Within")
"Asas da Noite" ("Wings in the Night")
"A Mão Direita do Destino" ("The Right Hand of Doom")
"A Chama Azul da Vingança" ("The Blue Flame of Vengeance")
Letter from Dr. I. M. Howard to H. P. Lovecraft , June 29, 1936
"It is barely possible through some other source . . ."

Letter from Robert E. Howard to August Derleth, May 9, 1936
"I am indeed sorry to learn of the deaths . . .
"Solomon Kane - o filme"  ("Solomon Kane - The Movie")
"The Return of Sir Richard Greenville" (poem, Portuguese and English)

Language: Portuguese
Translated by Alexandre Callari
Generale is an imprint of Évora Publisher.
Published in Brazil.
This is the first translation and publication of these stories in Brazil.
"Solomon Kane - o filme" discusses the 2009 Solomon Kane movie and a fan film based on the poem "The Return of Sir Richard Grenville."