Solomon Kane
Year :
March 1981
July 1983 (2nd printing)
July 1985 (
3rd printing)
May 1988
(4th printing)
Book No. : ISBN-10: 2-7304-0088-5
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 212
Cover art : Jean-Michel Nicollet
Illustrations : None
Solomon Kane       
Other editions:
Fleuve Noir

"Des Crânes Dans les Etoiles" ("Skulls in the Stars")
"La Main Droite du Destin"
("The Right Hand of Doom")

"Ombres Rouges" ("Red Shadows")
"Bruits d'Ossements" ("Rattle of Bones")
"Le Château du Diable" ("The Castle of the Devil")
"La Lune des Crânes" ("The Moon of Skulls")
"Les Epées de la Fraternité"
("Blue Flame of Vengeance")

"The One Black Stain" (poem)
Translated by Francois Truchaud
Fantasy / SF / Adventure Book #26
Robert E. Howard Book #3 of 37
1st of 2 Solomon Kane volumes
Language: French