The Second Western Megapack: 25 Classic Western Stories
Wildside Press
Year : April 2013
Book No. :
ISBN-13: 9781434446480
Edition : 1st
Format : eBook (Kindle & Nook)
Pages : 2156
Cover art : Uncredited
Illustrations : None
     The Second Western Megapack: 25 Classic Western Stories  
Other editions:

"While Smoke Rolled"
"The Apache Mountain War"
"The Road to Bear Creek"
Non-REH Content
"Quick Pay for Maverick Men" by Ed Earl Repp
"Tom’s Money" by Harriet Prescott Spofford
"The Affair at Grover Station" by Willa Cather
"The Outlaw Pilot" by Stephen Payne
"Ready for a Coffin" by Gene Austin
"Bulldog Carney" by W. A. Fraser
"Dust" by Marcet And Emanuel Haldeman-Julius
"The Jimmyjohn Boss" by Owen Wister
"Above the Law" by Max Brand
"With Guts, Gun, and Scalpel" by Archie Joscelyn
"The End of the Trail" by Clarence E. Mulford
"The Wild-Horse Hunter" by Zane Grey
"The Honk-Honk Breed" by Stewart Edward White
"The Texan Scouts" by Joseph A. Altsheler
"A Kinsman of Red Cloud" by Owen Wister
"No Report" by S. Omar Barke
"The Last of the Plainsmen" by Zane Grey
"Gunman’s Reckoning" by Max Brand
"Little Big Horn Medicine" by Owen Wister
"The Lone Ranger Rides" by Fran Striker
"Man Size" by William Macleod Raine
"Columbia and the Cowboy" by Alice Macgowan

Edited by John Gregory Betancourt, Carla Coup, Steve Coup, Bonner Menking, Colin Azariah-Kribbs, A. E. Warren.