Savage Scrolls: Volume One: Scholarship from the Hyborian Age
Pulp Hero Press
Year : June 2017  
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9781683900641
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (5.5 x 8.5 inches)
eBook (Kindle)

Pages : xii plus 206
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None

"Conan's Scribes" (Introduction)
Part 1: The Savage Barbarians's World
"Cimmerian Heritage: Conan's Forebears"
"A Natural History of the Hyborian Age: The World Around Conan" 
"By Sword, Axe, and Knife: The Weapons of Conan"
"Dungeon, Gibbet, and Axe: Justice in Conan's Time"
"Is There a Doctor in the Hyborian House? Medicine in the Age of Conan"
"Hyborian Super-Science: The Radium Age in Three Lost Cities"
"Kosala and Khitai: Mysterious Realms Of Conan's World"
"A Race of Uncertain Origin: The Ghouls of Hyboria"
Part 2: Conan's Foes and Friends
"The People of the Black River: Conan and the Picts"
"Knights of Anarchy: Conan and the Free Companions"
"Raiders of the Red Zaporoska: Conan's Kozaki"
"Beauty and the Blade: Conan and the Warrior Women"
"Golden Sister of the Red Brotherhood: Valeria's Marvel-Ous Saga"
"Mazes, Monsters, and Conan: Wizardry in the Hyborian Age"
"Unearthing the Treasure: Conan and the Secret of Tranicos"
Part 3: Savage Sword Bearers
"Barbarian on the Topaz Throne: King Kull"
"Home of Barbarians: Atlantis in the Age of Kull"
"Black Flame of Vengeance: Solomon Kane"
"The Shadow from Below: Bran Mak Morn and the People of the Dark"
"Barbarians in Tattered Chain Mail: Cormac Fitzgeoffrey and the Knights"
"Cutlasses and Cimmerians: Black Vulmea's Buccaneers"
Part 4: Secret Scrolls
"Iskander's Monstrous Road: Howard, High Adventures, and Horrors"
"Victory to the Swift: El Borak of Arabia"
"Hawks of the Crags: The Adventures of Kirby O'Donnell"
"Revenge of the Skull: Kathulos of Atlantis"
"The Nemesis of Erlik Khan: Steve Harrison, Two-Fisted Sleuth"
"The Rats Feast at Lost Knob: Steve Harrison in the Post Oaks"
"West of Cross Plains: Robert E. Howard's Sagebrush Pulp"
"Dark Tales on a Dark Continent: Howard's Jungle Horrors"

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Written by Fred Blosser
Editor: Bob McLain
Series: Savage Scrolls

 Savage Scrolls: Volume One: Scholarship from the Hyborian Age         
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