The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane 
Tantor Media Inc.
Year :
January 2010
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 1400112281
ISBN-13: 9781400112289

Edition : 1st
Format :
Compact disk
Discs :
10 disk set
Cover art : Greg Staples
     The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
Other editions:

"Foreward" (Disk 1)
In Memoriam: Robert Ervin Howard  (Disk 1)
"Skulls in the Stars" (Disk 1)
"The Right Hand of Doom" (Disk 1)
"Red Shadows" (Disk 1)
"Rattle of Bones" (Disk 2)
"The Castle of the Devil" (Disk 3)
"Death's Black Riders" (Disk 3)
"The Moon of Skulls" (Disk 3)
"The One Black Stain" (poem) (Disk 5)
"The Blue Flame of Vengeance"  (Disk 5)
"The Hills of the Dead" (Disk 6)
"Hawk of Basti" (Disk 7)
"The Return of Sir Richard Grenville" (poem)  (Disk 7)
"Wings in the Night" (Disk 7)
"The Footfalls Within" (Disk 8)
"The Children of Asshur" (Disk 9)
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (1, original, poem)
(Disk 10)

"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (2, variant, poem)
(Disk 10)

Appendix (Disk 10)
Read by Paul Boehmer
Approximately 12.5 hours in length
The disk numbers noted above are where the story narration begins. Some stories are continued on subsequent disks.