SFマガジン1969年4月 ( SF magajin 1969 nen 4 tsuki)
(SF Magazine April 1969) 
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Year :
April 1969
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : Unknown
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Unknown
SFマガジン1969年4月 ( SF magajin 1969 nen 4 gatsu)       
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月下の怪影 ("Gekka no kaiei")
("Shadows in the Moonlight")
Translation by Masayoshi Kawaguchi

Non-REH Contents
「異境 ("Ikyō")
("Foreign country") by Mitsuse dragon
「旅行かばん ("Ryokō kaban")
("The Canvas Bag") by Alan E. Nourse
「虹の彼方 ("Niji no kanata")
("Rainbow's End") by Eric Frank Russell
「地獄のハイウェイ 前篇 ("Jigoku no haiu~ei zenpen")
("Damnation Alley") by Roger Zelazny
「情報エリート ("Jōhō erīto")
("Information elite") by Fujio Ishihara
「ぺてん ("Peten")
("The Deceivers") by Larry Niven
「地球の汚名 第4回 ("Chikyūnoomei dai 4-kai")
("Stigma of the Earth") by Toyota Aritsune

Language: Japanese
Volume 10 No. 4, Whole No. 119
Editor: Masaru Mori