Racconti fantastici del '900. Volume primo
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore / Oscar Mondadori
Year :
October 1987 
Book No. : ISBN-10: 8804303328
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback (11 x 18.4 centimeters)
Pages : xiv plus 426
Cover art : Jean-Michel Folon
Illustrations : No
    Racconti fantastici del '900. Volume primo
Other editions:

"Tigri del Mare" ("Tigers of the Sea") completed by Richard L. Tierney
Translated by 
Giuseppe Lippi
Non-REH Contents
"Introduzione" ("Introduction") by Giuseppe Lippi
"Il trionfo della notte" ("Triumph of Night") by Edith Wharton
Translated by Gabriella Ernesti
"Marie" by Robert Walser
Translated by Emilio Castellani
"La tana" ("Der Bau") by Franz Kafka
Translated by Ervino Pocar
"Aldilà" ("Más allá") by Horacio Quiroga
Translated by Manuela del Carmen Rojas
"Zumbi" ("Jumbee") by Henry S. Whitehead
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
"Il mendicante di anime" by Giovanni Papini
"I segugi di Tindalos" ("The Hounds of Tindalos") by Frank Belknap Long
Translated by Maria Regina Perissinotto
"La strada dell'ira" ("The Angry Street") by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Translated by Bruno Oddera
"Settembre secco" ("Dry September") by William Faulkner
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
"La camera rossa" ("Down and Out in Paris and London") by George Orwell
Translated by Isabella Leonetti
"L'impero dei negromanti" ("The Empire of the Necromancers") by Clark Ashton Smith
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
"Rivelazioni in nero" ("Revelations in Black") by Carl Jacobi
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
"L'ombra calata dal tempo" ("The Shadow Out of Time") by H. P. Lovecraft
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
"La porta di bronzo" ("The Bronze Door") by Raymond Chandler
Translated by Stefano Benvenuti
"L'Astronomia esposta al popolo" by Tommaso Landolfi
"Il dottor Cyclops" ("Dr. Cyclops") by Henry Kuttner
Translated by Giuseppe Lippi
Language: Italian
Edited by Giuseppe Lippi
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