Robert E. Howard in THE FANTASY FAN
Roehm's Room Press
Year : August 2006
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (5.5 x 8.5, saddle stapled)
Pages : 28
Cover art : THE FANTASY FAN #1 cover scan
Illustrations :
Includes a couple of photos and cover scans of other issues of THE FANTASY FAN.
     Robert E. Howard in The Fantasy Fan
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Rob Roehm
To Charles D. Hornig, ca. November 1, 1933
"Thanks for the copy . . ."

Advertisement from THE FANTASY FAN,
November 1933

To Charles D. Hornig, November 10, 1933
"Here is a short story . . ."

To THE FANTASY FAN, December 1933
"I find the Fantasy Fan . . ."

To Charles D. Hornig, January 1934
"I liked the November . . ."

"Gods of the North"
Comment on REH in THE FANTASY FAN, May 1934
"Smith's poem . . ."

Comment on REH in THE FANTASY FAN, July 1934
To Charles D. Hornig, August 10, 1934
"Glad you liked the verses . . ."

"Voices of the Night: The Voices Waken Memory" (poem)
Comment on REH in THE FANTASY FAN, Sept. 1934
Comment on REH in THE FANTASY FAN, Nov. 1934
"Babel" (poem)
To Charles D. Hornig, May 3, 1935
"I'm very sorry . . ."

"Acknowledgments" by Rob Roehm
 Included with the mailing of REHupa #200.
 Limited to 40 numbered copies.
First appearance of  two letters to Charles D. Hornig:
    November 1, 1933 and May 3, 1935.
First complete publication of the letter to Hornig dated August 10, 1934.
Includes the announcement of "The Garden of Fear" in UNUSUAL STORIES, which was never published.