Robert E. Howard's Horror
Cross Plains Comics
Year :
August 2000
Book No. : ISBN-10: 192890906X
Edition : 1st
Format : Comic book
Pages : 64
Cover art : Front: Uncredited
Inside back: Steve Lightle
Back: Steve Lightle
Illustrations : Richard Pace, Gene Day, Frank Brunner, Gil Kane, Tom Palmer, Sandy Plunkett, Steve Lightle, and Estaban Moroto
       Robert E. Howard's Horror
Other editions:

"Hope Empty of Meaning" (poem)
Illustrated by Richard Pace

"Forward" by Richard Ashford
"The Black Stone" by Roy Thomas
Art: Gene Day
Reprinted from SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #74, March 1982
"The Horror from the Mound" adapted by Gardner Fox
Art: Frank Brunner
Reprinted from CHAMBER OF CHILLS #2, January 1973

"Dig Me No Grave" adapted by Roy Thomas
Art: Gil Kane (pencils) & Tom Palmer (inks)
Reprinted from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #1, October 1972
"The Thing on the Roof" by Roy Thomas
Art: Frank Brunner
Reprinted from CHAMBER OF CHILLS #3, March 1973
"Death of a Legend" by Roy Thomas
Art: Sandy Plunkett
Reprinted from EPIC ILLUSTRATED #34, February 1986
Relates the story of REH's last day on Earth.

Includes "All fled, all done . . ." (poem)
Taken from the poem "The House of Caesar" by Viola Garvin.

Also includes REH's Funeral Notice.
"The Beast of the Arkansas Woods" by Steve Lightle
Art: Steve Lightle
Original story written as a tribute to REH.
"A Look Back" by Roy Thomas
Illustrated by
Estaban Moroto, Gene Day, and Frank Brunner

Editor: Richard Ashford
Designs: Steve Lightle
All stories are in black & white.