Outoja tarinoita 4 
Year : 1992
Book No. : ISBN-10: 951895495X
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback (13 x 21 centimeters)
Pages : 248
Cover art : Jari Rasi
Illustrations : Unknown
  Outoja tarinoita 4
Other editions:

"Musta Canaan" ("Black Canaan")
Translated by Matti Rosvall
Non-REH Contents
"Rakkaat vainajat" ("The Loved Dead") by C. M. Eddy
"Yigin lapset" ("The Curse of Yig") by Zealia Bishop
"Talo magnoliain katveessa" ("The House in the Magnolias") by August Derleth
"Genius loci" ("Genius Loci") by Clark Ashton Smith
"Madon temppeli" ("The House of the Worm") by Mearle Prout
"Kirottujen riutta" ("The Accursed Isle") by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Hän palasi kuolleista" ("The Man Who Returned") by Edmond Hamilton
"Kawalon kirous" ("Imp of Satan") by Hugh B. Cave
"Ghoulien luola" ("The Grinning Ghoul") by Robert Bloch
"Kammottu talo" ("The Shunned House") by H. P. Lovecraft
"Maan uumenissa" ("Far Below") by Robert Barbour Johnson

Language: Finnish
Edited by Markku Sadelehto
Translations by Matti Rosvall
A paperback anthology series of fantasy and horror stories.
There were a total of 6 volumes published.
The title translates as STRANGE STORIES.