Orbites 4 
Year :
December 1982
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Anthology
Pages : 196
Cover art : Jean-Claude Mézières
Illustrations : None
Orbites 4
Other editions:

"Lances et crocs" ("Spear and Fang")
Non-REH Contents
"Editorial" by Daniel Rich
"Le Fondeur de boutons" ("The Foundry Buttons")
by Fritz Leiber

"Chiens de papier" ("Paper Dogs")
by Jean the Clerk of the Herverie
"L'Embarras du choix"
("The Embarrassment of Choice")
by William Olivier Desmond

"Ma vie de bohême" ("My Life Bohemian")
by Damon Knight

"Une femme sur orbite : Carolyn J. Cherryh"
("A Woman in Orbit: Carolyn J. Cherryh")
by Jean-Baptiste Baronian

"Claude F. Cheinisse : 1931-1982" by Jacques Goimard
"Lettre des États-Unis n° 3" by Jean-Marc Lofficier
"Le Retour du biologique" by Gilles Gressard
"B.D.-S.F./G.B." by José-Louis Bocquet
"En jouant à Chtulhu..." by Patrick Daugé
"Des moutons électriques à Blade Runner"
by Boris Eizykmam
"Considérations intempestives" by COLLECTIF
"Neuf décades prodigieuses" by Denis Guiot
Translated by Francois Truchaud
Orbits was a short-lived, quarterly journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy. There were four issues that ran from February to December 1982.
Language: French