O Mundo Sombrio: Histórias dos Mitos de Cthulhu
(The Dark World: Stories of the Cthulhu Mythos)
Editora Clock Tower
Year :
March 2016
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9788566519044
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback (6 x 9 inches)
Pages : 352
Cover art : Alexandre Costa
Illustrations : Leander Moura (16 illustrations)
        O Mundo Sombrio
Other editions:

"Preface" by Rochett Tavares
"Introduction" by S. T. Joshi
"Biography of Robert E. Howard" by Rusty Burke
"A Pedra Negra" ("The Black Stone")
"Os Vermes da Terra" ("Worms of the Earth")
"O Povo das Trevas" ("People of the Dark")
"A Chama de Assurbanipal" ("The Fire of Asshurbanipal" (1))
"As Mordidas do Urso Negro" ("The Black Bear Bites")
"Os Filhos da Noite" ("The Children of the Night")
"O Povo Pequeno" ("The Little People")
"A Coisa no Telhado" ("The Thing on the Roof")
"Não Cave Meu Túmulo" ("Dig Me No Grave")
"O Espírito do Anel" ("The Haunter of the Ring")
"O Usurpador Noturno" ("Usurp the Night")
"Os Habitantes sob a Tumba" ("The Dwellers Under the Tomb")
"O Reino Sombrio" ("The Shadow Kingdom")
"O Deus de Bal-Sagoth" ("The Gods of Bal-Sagoth")
"Arkham" (poem)
"O Sino de Morni" ("The Bell of Morni") (poem)
"Hyborian Society"
"Parceiros" (names of those who contributed to the crowd funding project)
"Ficha Técnica" (Biography of the team that produced the book)
"Sobre a Ed. Clock Tower" (About Edition Clock Tower)

Language: Portuguese
Translation and Notes: Claudia Doppler, Daniel Iturvides Dutra, Liliane Reis, Pedro Henrique Toledo, Ricardo Herdy and Adriano Migliavacca.
Preparation and revision of texts: Graciela Brunetto and Robson Santos
This book was published through a crowd funding project and includes the names of all those who contributed.