Nouvelles histoires d'outre monde (New Stories of the Outer World) 
Year : 1967
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dustjacket
Pages : 330
Cover art :
Illustrations :

"Morte-vie" ("Pigeons from Hell")
Translation by Jacques Papy

"…en replis tortueux" ("The Dream Snake")
Translation by Jacques Papy

Non-REH Contents
"Preface" by Jacques Papy
Histoires horrifiques (Horrific Stories)
"La Porte des corbeaux" ("The Corbie Door") by Carl Jacobi
"Le Mausolée" ("The Tomb from Beyond") by Carl Jacobi
"Noir minéral" ("The Black Stone Statue") by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Hélas, pauvre Yorick!" ("The Travelling Grave") by Leslie Poles Hartley
"Le Roi de cœur" ("The King of Heart") by Evan Hunter
Histoires fantastiques (Amazing Stories)
"Meurtre dans le champ de maïs" ("Witches in the Cornfield") by Carl Jacobi
"Matthew South et Cie" ("Matthew South and Co") by Carl Jacobi
"Un Homme insignifiant" ("Insignificant Man") by Robert Barbour Johnson
"Cœur de chêne" ("The Tree's Wife") by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Ailes d'ébène" ("Mive") by Carl Jacobi
Histoires fantomatiques (Ghostly Stories)
"La Couverture à damier" ("The Patchwork Quilt") by August Derleth
"Le Perroquet vert" ("The Green Parrot") by Joseph Payne Brennan
Histoires exotiques (Exotic Stories)
"Bois, d'un cœur innocent" ("The Huaco of Señor Perez") by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Les Yeux de la momie" ("The Eyes of the Mummy") by Robert Bloch
"Semences de mort" ("The Seed from the Sepulcher") by Clark Ashton Smith
Histoires humoristiques (Humerous Stories)
"L'Enfant prodige" ("The Child Prodigy") by Walt Liebscher
"Monsieur Alucard" ("Mr. Alucardby") David A. Johnstone
Language: French
Editor:  Jacques Papy
All stories were translated by Jacques Papy
This is the seventh anthology in a series.

   Nouvelles Histoires d'outre monde (New Stories of the Outer World)
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