Millemondiestate 1990: Un Romanzo breve e 15 Racconti
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
Year :
June 1990   
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback (13.1 x 19 centimeters)
Pages : 304
Cover art : Karel Thole
Illustrations : No
  Millemondiestate 1990
Other editions:

"Per amore di Barbara Allen" ("For the Love of Barbara Allen")
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
Non-REH Contents
"Privacy" by David Brin
Translated by Paola Andreaus
"Mellonta Tauta" by Edgar Allan Poe
Translated by Elio Vittorini
"Subway Jack" by Joe R. Lansdale
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
"Il cervello" ("The Brain") by Norbert Wiener
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
"Dove i sognatori si svegliano" (" Somewhere Dreamers Wake") by Wayne Wightman
Translated by Paola Andreaus
"Che cosa succede se comperi Maria Montez a papà"
The Consequences of Buying Maria Montez for Dad") by Ron Goulart
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
"Il violinista morto" ("The Dead Fiddler") by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Translated by Mario Biondi
"Vendetta è" ("Vengeance Is") by Theodore Sturgeon
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
"Il mistero del Mar dei Sargassi" ("The Mystery of the Sargasso") by William Hope Hodgson
Translated by Lydia Di Marco
"Un carico di problemi" ("A Can of Worms") by Ben Bova
Translated by Antonio Cecchi
"Musica di ghiaccio" ("Icicle Music") by Michael Bishop
Translated by Antonio Cecchi
"La maledizione di A... K..." ("The Damnation of A... K...") by Joyce Carol Oates
Translated by Antonio Cecchi
"Sfortuna" ("Bad Luck") by Vance Aandahl
Translated by Antonella Pieretti
"Brandelli di tenebra" ("Ribbon of Darkness, Over Me") by Steve Gallagher
Translated by Antonio Cecchi
"Una lettera da papà" ("Where Have All the Graveyards Gone?") by Dean Wesley Smith
Translated by Andrea Bianchi
Language: Italian
Series:  Millemondi 37
Edited by Giuseppe Lippi
Translated by Lidia Lax