Mardus, January 1995 
Year : January 1995
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 50
Cover art : Earl Norem
Illustrations : Heiki Ernits, Veiko TammjärvAnts Jaanimägi
  Mardus, January 1995
Other editions:

"Robert E. Howard" by Urmas Alas
"Põrgutuvid" ("Pigeons From Hell") Part 1 of 2
Translated by Martin Stone Forest
Illustration by Veiko Tammjärv
"Elevanditorn" ("The Tower of the Elephant")
Translated by Coles
Illustration with a photograph
"Tuzun Thune'i peeglid" ("The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune")
Translated by Coles
Illustration by Ants Jaanimägi
Non-REH Contents
"Tere" ("Preface")
"Pääsemine" by Raili Ilves
"Põõsad" by Lew R. Berg
"Sookoll ja ... by Priit Peipuu
"Olevus ukselävel" ("The Thing on the Doorstep") Part 2 of 2
H. P. Lovecraft,
Illustration by Heiki Ernits
"Lärm ülakorrusel" by Anonymous
"Monstrum" by by Anonymous
"Kuni arv pole täis" by Veiko Belials 
Illustration by Veiko Tammjärv
"Eksperiment by Sander Põllumäe

Language: Estonian
Edited by Mario Kivistik