Lovecraft : Au cœur du cauchemar
(Lovecraft: At the Heart of Nightmare)
Editions ActuSF
Year :
March 2017  
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9782366298345 
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (18 x 21.7 centimeters)
Pages : 464
Cover art : Ryohei Hase
Illustrations : Unknown
Lovecraft : Au cœur du cauchemar    
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Excerpts from the following REH letters are contained in the article by Patrice Louinet.
by Patrice Louinet.
To Weird Tales, ca. April 1928,
"Mr. Lovecraft’s latest story . . ."
To H.P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1, 1930,
"I am indeed highly honored to have received . . ."
To Tevis Clyde Smith, late July or early August 1930,
"Well, Fear Finn: / I haven’t heard from our story, . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. December 1932,
"Having read your latest letter . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, ca. July 1934,
"I started writing this months ago . . ."
To H. P. Lovecraft, May 13, 1936,
"I am indeed sorry to hear . . ."
Non-REH Contents
"H. P. Lovecraft, entre mythe et faits"
("HP Lovecraft, between myth and facts") by Bertrand Bonnet
"Lovecraft et les préjugés…" ("Lovecraft and Prejudice ...") by Christophe Thill (Interview)
Interview with S.T. Joshi
"Les lieux et Lovecraft" ("The Places and Lovecraft") by Mathilde Manchon
"Sur les traces de Lovecraft à Providence"
"In the footsteps of Lovecraft in Providence") Interview with François Bon
"H. P. Lovecraft et Robert E. Howard : Amitié, controverses et influences"
"HP Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard: Friendship, Controversy and Influences") by Bertrand Bonnet
"Robert E. Howard et Howard Phillips Lovecraft, morceaux choisis de la correspondance"
"Robert E. Howard and Howard Phillips Lovecraft, selected pieces of correspondence") by Patrice Louinet
"Lovecraft et les révisions : le docteur de la weird fiction"
"Lovecraft and Revisions: The Doctor of the Weird Fiction") by Todd Spaulding
"H. P. Lovecraft sous presse : brève histoire (et préhistoire) éditoriale des écrits de Lovecraft"
"HP Lovecraft in press: brief history (and prehistory) of Lovecraft's writings") by Christophe Thill
"Cthulhu le mythe" ("Cthulhu the myth") by Emmanuel Mamosa
"Le mythe de Cthulhu" ("The myth of Cthulhu") Interview with Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac
"Lovecraft en vingt-cinq œvres essentielles"
"Lovecraft in twenty-five essential works") by Bertrand Bonnet
"L’œuvre de Lovecraft" ("The work of Lovecraft") Interview with Christophe Thill
"Lovecraft et la Génération perdue"
"Lovecraft and the Lost Generation") by Florent Montaclair
"Lovecraft et la science" ("Lovecraft and science") by Elisa Gorusuk
"L’anti-heroic fantasy de H. P. Lovecraft"
"The anti-heroic fantasy of HP Lovecraft") by Christophe Thill
"L’invitation au voyage" ("The invitation to travel") by David Camus
"Les traductions françaises de Lovecraft : de l’introduction à la tradition"
"Lovecraft's French Translations: From Introduction to Tradition") by Marie Perrier
"Traducteur de Lovecraft" ("Lovecraft Translator") by David Camus
"La poésie de Lovecraft" ("The poetry of Lovecraft") Interview with Michel Chevalier
"Lovecraft Héros de Fiction"
"Lovecraft Heroes of Fiction") Interview with Patrick Marcel
"Cthulhu de 7 à 77 éons ou Lovecraft en bande dessinée"
"Cthulhu from 7 to 77 eons or Lovecraft in comics") by Alex Nikolavitch
"Adapter Lovecraft en jeu vidéo…"
"Adapting Lovecraft to a video game ...") Interview with Jean-Marc Gueney
"Pour une poignée de tentacules… H. P. Lovecraft au cinéma"
"For a handful of tentacles ... HP Lovecraft at the cinema") by Sam Azulys
"Lovecraft en image…" ("Lovecraft and image ...") Interview with François Baranger
"Lovecraft en image…" ("Lovecraft and image ...") Interview with Nicolas Fructus
"Lovecraft en image…" ("Lovecraft and image ...") Interview with Philippe Caza
"Jeu de rôle : Lovecraft et le monde du jeu"
"Roleplay: Lovecraft and the world of the game") Interview with éditions Sans-Détour
"Jeu de rôle : Lovecraft et le monde du jeu"
("Roleplay: Lovecraft and the world of the game") Interview with  Cédric Ferrand
"Lovecraft et eux" ("Lovecraft and them")

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