Légendes du Mythe de Cthulhu 1 (Legends of the Cthulhu Mythos) 
Presses Pocket
Year : November 2007
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 978-2-266-17393-3
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 256
Cover art :
Marc Simonetti
Illustrations :

"La Pierre noire" ("The Black Stone")
Non-REH Contents
"Le Mythe de Cthulhu" ("The Cthulhu Mythos") byAugust Derleth (Preface)
"L'Appel de Cthulhu" ("The Call of Cthulhu") by H. P. Lovecraft
"Talion" ("The Return of the Sorcerer") by Clark Ashton Smith
"Ubbo-Sathla" ("Ubbo-Sathla") by Clark Ashton Smith
"Les Chiens de Tindalos" ("The Hounds of Tindalos") by Frank Belknap Long
"Les Mangeuses d'espace" ("The Space-Eaters") by Frank Belknap Long
"L'Habitant de l'ombre" ("The Dweller in Darkness") by August Derleth
"Au-delà du seuil ("Beyond the Threshold") by August Derleth
"Le Tueur stellaire" ("The Shambler from the Stars") by Robert Bloch
Language: French
Book Number 13513
Translation: Claude Gilbert
Partial reprint of the 1975 Christain Bourgois edition.
Légendes du Mythe de Cthulhu 2 (#13514) was also published in 2007.
It contained the balance of the stories from the
Bourgois edition plus seven additional stories.

Légendes du mythe de Cthulhu 1
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