Lands of Wonder #3
Year :
November 1967  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 46 (including the covers)
Cover art : Front: Virgil Finlay
Virgil Finlay
Illustrations :  B. Ric, Ernst Vlcek
     Lands of Wonder #3
Other editions:

"Babylon" (poem)
"Laughter in the Gulfs" (poem)
"Robert E. Howard (eine Kurzbiographie)"
("Robert E. Howard [A Short Biography]")
by Hubert Strassl (article)

Non-REH Contents
"To the Reader of Science Fiction" by Hubert Strassl (poem, English)
"Ein Wort zu LoW" ("A Word to LoW [Lands of Wonder]") by Hubert Strassl (article)
"FOLLOW-Bericht" ("FOLLOW Report") by Hubert Strassl (article) 
"Das Phänomen des Lycanthropismus" ("The Phenomenon of Lycanthropy") by Edmund Fiegweil (article) 
"Babylon -- die Götterstadt II" ("Babylon -- the Ghost Town II") by Nikolai Stockhammer (article)
"Pok-a-Tok" ("Play the Stripper") by Horst Weisshäupl (article) 
"Virgil Finlay" by Hubert Strassl (article in German) 
"Das Einhorn" ("The Unicorn") by Hubert Strassl (article)

Language: German unless otherwise specified.
Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)