Lands of Wonder
Year :
June 1983  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback (Perfectbound, 5 5/8 x 7 3/4 inches)
Pages : 160 plus covers
Cover art : Ernst Vlcek
Illustrations : Unknown
      Lands of Wonder
Other editions:

"Chant of the White Beard" (poem)
"The Riders of Babylon" (poem)
"Red Blades of Black Cathay" (verse heading)
"Babylon" (poem)
"Laughter in the Gulfs" (poem)
"Robert E. Howard (eine Kurzbiographie)"
("Robert E. Howard (A Short Biography)")
by Hubert Strassl (article)

Non-REH Contents
Lands of Wonder #1
"Sword and Sorcery" by Hubert Strassl (poem, English)  
"Wozu Heroic Fantasy?" ("Why Heroic Fantasy?") by  L. Sprague de Camp (article)
"Die Vampirsage" ("The Vampire Saga") by Edmund Fiegweil (article)
"The Swordsman's Vengeance" by Hubert Strassl (poem, English)
"The Lord of the Rings: J. R. R. Tolkien" by Dietrich (article)
"FOLLOW" by Hubert Strassl & Eduard Lukschandl (article)  
"Altnordisches Gedicht" ("Norse Poem") by Thjodholf Arnason (poem, English)
Lands of Wonder #2
"To the Reader of Fantasy" by Hubert Strassl (poem, English)
"Sword and Sorcery" by  Gerhardt Richter (article)
"Babylon -- die Götterstadt" ("Babylon -- the Ghost Town") by Nikolai Stockhammer (article)
"Das Schwert" ("The Sword") by Eduard Lukschandl (article)
"Armageddon" by Hubert Strassl (article) 
"FOLLOW-Bericht" ("FOLLOW Report") by Hubert Strassl (article)
Lands of Wonder #3
"To the Reader of Science Fiction" by Hubert Strassl (poem, English)
"Ein Wort zu LoW" ("A Word to LoW [Lands of Wonder]") by Hubert Strassl (article)
"FOLLOW-Bericht" ("FOLLOW Report") by Hubert Strassl (article) 
"Das Phänomen des Lycanthropismus" ("The Phenomenon of Lycanthropy") by Edmund Fiegweil (article) 
"Babylon -- die Götterstadt II" ("Babylon -- the Ghost Town II") by Nikolai Stockhammer (article)
"Pok-a-Tok" ("Play the Stripper") by Horst Weisshäupl (article) 
"Virgil Finlay" by Hubert Strassl (article in German) 
"Das Einhorn" ("The Unicorn") by Hubert Strassl (article)
Lands of Wonder #4
Contents unknown. There is no REH content.

Language: German unless otherwise specified.
Compilation of Lands of Wonder #1, #2, #3, and #4.
Edited by Gustav Gaisbauer
Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)