La Saga di Robert Howard:
Il sepolcro misterioso, Taccuino 10
Yorick Fantasy Magazine
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Paperback
Pages : Unknown
Cover art : Rosario Santamaria
Illustrations : Unknown
  La Saga di Robert Howard: Il Sepolcro Misterioso, Taccuino 10

Other editions:

"Il sepolcro misterioso" ("Black Eons")
(Completed by Alessandro Corsi, Arianna De Luca and Stefano Roseo)
Translated by Gino Bedeschi and Massimo Tassi
"L'Ultimo Uomo Bianco" ("The Last White Man")
Translated by Mariella Bernacchi

Non-REH Contents
"Due parole d'introduzione" by Massimo Tassi (Introduction)

Language: Italian
Series: Yorick Special 37
Edited by Massimo Tassi
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