Kull and the Barbarians #2
 Magazine Management Co. / Marvel Comics
Year :
July 1975    
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11 inches)
Pages : 84 pages (including front & back covers)
Cover art : Michael Whelan
Solomon Kane by Berni Wrightson (inside front)
Illustrations : See below 
Kull and the Barbarians #2
 Kull and the Barbarians #2 - Hills of the Dead
"The Hills of the Dead" (Part 1 of 2, Solomon Kane, 10 page graphic adaptation)
Script: Roy Thomas
Art: Alan Weiss (pencils);  Neal Adams (inks)

"Of Swords, Sorcery, and Science" by Roy Thomas (editorial)
Contains "The Thurian Continent in the time of King Kull" (map)
"Teeth of the Dragon"  (King Kull, 26 page story)
Script: Gerry Conway
Art: Jess Jodoloman
"Red Sonja, She-Devil with a Sword"  (10 page story)
Script: Roy Thomas
Art: Howie Chaykin
Adapted in part from an unspecified Robert E. Howard story.

"Blackmark vs. The Mind Demons"  (15 page story)
Script: Gil Kane
Art: Gil Kane

Editor: Roy Thomas
Magazine Management Company existed from at least 1947 to 1973 when it was rebranded as Marvel Comics Group.
Curtis Magazines was the name of an imprint used by Marvel Comics to publish black and white magazines in the early 1970s. The magazine format was not covered by the rules set forth by the Comics Code Authority.

Other editions: None