Kull le roi barbare (Kull the Barbarian King)
Year :
October 1984
Book No. : ISBN-10: 2-7167-1223-9
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 192
Cover art : Photo
Illustrations : None
 Kull le roi barbare (Kull the Barbarian King)   
Other editions:
Fleuve Noir

"Preface" by Francois Truchaud
"Prologue" (A portion of  "The Hyborian Age")
"Exilé d'Atlantis" ("Exile of Atlantis")
"Le Royaume des chimères" ("The Shadow Kingdom")
"L'Autel et le scorpion" ("The Altar and the Scorpion")
"Noirs abysses" ("Black Abyss")
[Completed by Lin Carter]

"Le Chat de Delcardes" ("Delcardes’ Cat")
"Le Crâne du silence" ("The Skull of Silence")
"Ceux qui allèrent au-delà du soleil levant"
("Riders Beyond the Sunrise")
[Completed by Lin Carter]
"Par cette hache je règne!" ("By This Axe I Rule!")
"Le Coup de gong" ("The Striking of the Gong")
"Les Epées du royaume pourpre"
("Swords of the Purple Kingdom")
"Magicien et guerrier" ("Wizard and Warrior")
[Completed by Lin Carter]
"Les Miroirs de Tuzun Thune"
("The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune")
"Le Roi et le chêne" ("The King and the Oak")(poem)
"Epilogue" (A portion of  "The Hyborian Age")
Translated by Francois Truchaud
Playboy Science Fiction Collection #35
Based on the Lancer edition of KING KULL.
Language: French