Kull: Banita z Atlantydy  
Year :
February 2014  (Trade paperback)  
February 2014 (eBook) 
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9788378184911 (Trade paperback)
ISBN-13: 9788378182498 (eBook) 
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (15 x 22.5 centimeters)
eBook (ePub & mobi)
Pages : 416
Cover art : Justin Sweet
Illustrations : Justin Sweet
    Kull: Banita z Atlantydy
Other editions:

"Artist's Forward" by Justin Sweet
"Introduction" by Steve Tompkins
"Opowiadanie bez tytułu" (Untitled Story "The sun was setting. A last crimson . . .")
[Previously published as "Exile of Atlantis"]

"Królestwo cieni" ("The Shadow Kingdom")
"Lustra Tuzun Thune'a" ("The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune")
"Wersja bez tytułu" (Untitled Draft "'Thus,' said Tu, chief councillor, ...")
"Kot i czaszka" ("The Cat and the Skull")
"Wrzeszczący czerep ciszy" ("The Screaming Skull of Silence")
"Uderzenie gongu" ("The Striking of the Gong")
"Ołtarz i skorpion" ("The Altar and the Scorpion")
"Przekleństwo złotej czaszki" ("The Curse of the Golden Skull")
"Czarne miasto" ("The Black City") [Unfinished Fragment]
"Fragment bez tytułu" (Untitled fragment "Three men sat at a . . .")
"Tym toporem władam!" ("By This Axe I Rule!")
"Miecze purpurowego królestwa" ("Swords of the Purple Kingdom")
"Król i dąb" ("The King and the Oak") (poem)
"Królowie nocy" ("Kings of the Night")
The "Am-ra of the Ta-an" Fragments
Letnie świtanie" ("Summer Morn") (poem)
   "Am-ra, Ta-an" ("Am-ra the Ta-an") (poem)
Opowieść Am-ry" ("The Tale of Am-ra")
   "Niedokończony fragment bez tytułu"
   (Untitled and unfinished fragment "A land of wild fantastic beauty . . . ")
   "Niekompletny fragment bez tytułu"
   (Untitled and incomplete fragment "determined. So I set out up the hill . . .")
"Królestwo cieni" (wersja)
("The Shadow Kingdom") [Draft]
"Kot Delcardes" (wersja)
("Delcardes' Cat")
"Król i dąb" (wersja)
("The King and the Oak") [Draft]
"Rodowód atlantydzki" ("Atlantean Genesis")
by Patrice Louinet

"Noty do oryginalnych tekstów Howarda"
("Notes on the original Howard texts")
Language: Polish
Translated by Tomasz Nowak
Polish edition of KULL: EXILE OF ATLANTIS published by Del Rey Books.
Kindle utilizes the mobi format. Nook utilizes the ePub format.