The Junto Volume 2 Number 4 
Lenore Preece
Year :
September 1929          
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (8.5 x 11, loose sheets)
Pages : 24 pages
(5 consist of Mailing List and comments)

Cover art : None
Illustrations : "The Luscious Apples"
by Norbert P. Sydow

The Junto Volume 2 Number 4  
Other editions: None


"Nectar" (poem)
Sketches (See Notes)
"Etched in Ebony"
Comment on Mailing List
Non-REH Content
"If I Were God"  by John Doughty (poem)
"Degrees – Not de Thoid?" by Tevis Clyde Smith
"The Hope Eternal" by Lenore Preece (poem)
"Poets – of Today and Yesterday" by Alex Doktor
(above includes several poems by Francois Villon)
The Commentary (member comments on previous issues)
"Collegia Dementia" by Booth Mooney (poem)
"Musings of a Misanthrope" by Harold Preece
"Revulsion" by Booth Mooney (poem)
"The Last Man’s Club" by Lenore Preece
"These" by Booth Mooney
Mailing List and Comments
THE JUNTO was a literary travelogue circulated from member to member on its mailing list with each member adding some content.
First appearance: "Nectar," "Etched in Ebony," "Midnight," "Sentiment," and "Musings"
"Sketches" was the title used for two separate collections of stories.  It was first used in THE JUNTO, Volume 2, #4, September 1929, for a bundle that included "Sentiment", "Musings", "Midnight", and "Etched in Ebony". The title was re-used by Glenn Lord for a bundle of seven stories that were published in TRUMPET #7. Those seven stories include "Ambition in the Moonlight", "To a Man Whose Name I Never Knew", "Musings", "Etched in Ebony", "The Galveston Affair", "Surrender - Your Money or Your Vice", and "Them".  All seven stories came from various issues of THE JUNTO.