The Junto Volume 2 Number 3 
Lenore Preece
Year :
August 1929          
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (8.5 x 11, loose sheets)
Pages : 14 pages
(3 consist of Mailing List and comments)

Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
The Junto Volume II Number 3  
Other editions: None


"Heritage" (1, "My people came . . .")(poem)
"Surrender" (1, "I will rise . . .")(poem)
Comment on the Mailing List
Non-REH Content
"Brute and Caucasian" by Harold Preece
"Close of the Day" by Lenore Preece (poem)
"Movie Notes" by Truett Vinson
"Yo-Yo" by Booth Mooney (poem)
"Poets—Of Yesterday and To-day" by Alex M. Doktor
"Success" by Emily Dickenson
"Exclusion" by Emily Dickenson
"Suspense" by Emily Dickenson (poem)
"A Book" by Emily Dickenson (poem)
"Beauty and Truth" by Emily Dickenson (poem)
"Beclouded" by Emily Dickenson (poem)
"Graveyard" by Booth Mooney
"Heat"by Booth Mooney (poem)
Comments on the Mailing List by Katherine Preece, Harold Preece, Maxine Ervin, Truett Vinson, Clyde Smith, Robert E. Howard, Norbert P. Sydow, Roy McDonald, and Hildon V. Collins
THE JUNTO was a literary travelogue circulated from member to member on its mailing list with each member adding some content.
First appearance: "Heritage" and "Surrender"