Jules Verne Magasinet nr. 476
Sam J. Lundwall Fakta & Fantasi
Year :
April 1996  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (177 x 250 millimeters)
Pages : 32
Cover art : Louis Le Breton
Illustrations : Anonymous
   Jules Verne Magasinet nr. 476
Other editions:

"Elefantens torn" ("The Tower of the Elephant")
Translated by Sam J. Lundwall
"Den hyboriska tidsåldern" ("The Hyborian Age") (Part 1, see Notes)
Translated by Sam J. Lundwall
Map of the Hyborian Age drawn by David Kyle
"Robert E Howard och Conan" ("Robert E Howard: Conan") by Sam J. Lundwall (article)

Non-REH Contents
"Att riva upp Piccadilly" ("Taking up Piccadilly") by Lord Dunsany
"Sår" by Daniel Bernhoff
"Stranden i solnedgång" ("The Shoreline at Sunset") by Ray Bradbury

Language: Swedish
Lundwall notes on p. 14 that his source for "The Hyborian Age" was a photocopy of Howard's original manuscript that Donald Wollheim gave him. Part 2 is announced for the next issue, but did not appear there.
Edited by Sam J. Lundwall