Il cane del diavolo
Fanucci Editore
Year :
February 1989  
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (12.5 x 19 centimeters)
Pages : 192
Cover art : Margaret Brundage (from WEIRD TALES, September 1936)
Illustrations : None
Il Meglio di Weird Tales 20: Il cane del diavolo
Other editions:

"Teschi sulle Stelle" ("Skulls in the Stars")
Translated by Alda Carrer
Non-REH Contents
"Il campo sterile" ("The Barren Field") by Ives Theriault
Translated by Marta Simonetti
"Operazione Quasi" ("Operation Almost") by E. Everett Evans
Translated by Marta Simonetti
"Il paese della nebbia" ("Fog Country") by Allison W. Harding
Translated by Marta Simonetti
"Il sole splende luminoso" ("The Sun is Shining") by E. Everett Evans
Translated by 
Marta Simonetti
"Il bacio nero" ("The Black Kiss") by Robert Bloch and Henry Kuttner
Translated by 
Alda Carrer
"La barba di Feigman" ("Feigman's Beard") by August Derleth
Translated by 
Marta Simonetti
"Ombre fameliche" ("Devouring Shadows") by N. J. O'Neal
Translated by 
Marta Simonetti

Language: Italian
Series: Il Meglio di Weird Tales 20
Translated by Alda Carrer and Marta Simonetti
Edited by Gianni Pilo