Histoires anglo-saxonnes de vampires 
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Year : April 1978
Book No. :
ISBN-10:  2-7024-0743-9
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 328
Cover art :
Georges Raimondo
Illustrations :

"Le Tertre Maudit" ("The Horror from the Mound")
Non-REH Contents
"Preface" by Maurice Lévy
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
Vampires traditionnels
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"le Visage" ("The Face") by E.F. Benson
"Quatre pieux de bois" ("Four Wooden Stakes") by Victor Rowan
"Tourbillons de neige" ("Snow Swirls") by August Derleth
"la Cape" ("The Cape") by Robert Bloch
Vampires psychiques
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"Histoire vraie d'un vampire" ("True Story of a Vampire") by Eric Stanislaus Stenbock
"la Belle dame" by D.H. Lawrence
"Miss Avenal"  by William F. Harvey
"Dieu fasse qu'elle repose en paix" ("God Forbid She Rest in Peace") by Cynthia Asquith
Histoires de lamies
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"la Fin de l'histoire" ("The End of the Story") by Clark Ashton Smith
"l'Enchanteresse de Sylaire" ("The Enchantress of Sylaire") by Clark Ashton Smith
Bestiaire vampire
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"l'Araignée" ("The Spider") by Elizabeth Walter
"le Cocon" ("The Cocoon") by John B.L. Goodwin
Plantes vampires
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"l'Étrange orchidée" ("The Strange Orchid") by H.G. Wells
"la Guerre du lierre" ("The War of Ivy") by David H. Keller
Monstres vampires
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"Negotium perambulans" by E.F. Benson
 "le Visiteur venu des étoiles" ("The Visitor From the Stars") by Robert Bloch
 "En quête de quelque chose à sucer" ("Looking for Something to Suck") by R. Chetwynd-Hayes
Vampires du futur
"Introduction" by Jean Marigny
"du Sang !" ("Blood!") by Fredric Brown
"Espèce en voie de disparition" ("Vanishing Breed") by Niel Straum [Leslie Roy Carter]

Language: French
Translated by Jean Marigny

  Histoires Anglo-Saxonnes de Vampires
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