Häpna! nr. 7/8 
Grafiska Förlaget Kindberg & Söner AB
Year :
August 1957  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Digest size)
Pages : 96
Cover art : Photo from the film 1984 (Holiday Film Productions, 1956)
Illustrations : Unknown
   Häpna! nr. 7/8
Other editions:

"Conan och häxan" ("A Witch Shall Be Born")[Part 2 of 2]
Translated and edited by Björn Nyberg.
Illustrated with a map based on Howard's "notes and sketches." The artist is unknown.

Non-REH Contents
"Den stora tidsbävningen" (Part 2) by  Murray Leinster
"Räddningsexpeditionen" by Arthur C. Clarke
"Odödlig litteratur" by Gabriel Setterborg
"och Kurragömma" by Wilmar H. Shiras

Language: Swedish
The beginning of "A Witch Shall Be Born" appears in Häpna! nr. 5/6.
Häpna! was a Swedish science fiction magazine published between March 1954 and January 1966.
There were 119 issues published.

Publisher: Karl G. Kindberg