Врата империи (Vrata imperii)
(Gates of Empire)
Year : 1998
Book No. : ISBN-10: 5-7906-0079-4
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 448
Cover art : Ken Kelly
Illustrations : S. Shikin, V. Asadullin, K. Rozhkov
The Shadow of the Hun
"Воительница" ("Sword Woman")
Translated by A. Kurich
"Клинки для Франции" ("Blades for France")
Translated by G. Podosokorskaya
"Подруга смерти" ("Mistress of Death")
Completed by Gerald W. Page
Translated by G. Podosokorskaya
"Королевская служба" ("The King's Service")
Translated by G. Podosokorskaya
"След Гунна" ("The Shadow of the Hun")
Translated by G. Podosokorskaya
The Garden of Fear
"Врата империи" ("Gates of Empire")
Translated by K. Pleshkov
"Дорога Боэмунда"("The Track of Bohemund")
Translated by K. Pleshkov
"Рождающие гром" ("The Sowers of the Thunder")
Translated by N. Druzhinina
"Сад ужаса" ("The Garden of Fear")
Translated by M. Rayner
Ship of the Dead
David Drake "Край, где заходит солнце"
("The Land Toward Sunset")
Translated by N. Druzhinina
"Любовь и одиночество" ("XII. Love and the Loner") by L. Sprague de Camp
Language: Russian
Compiled by Alexander Lidin
Volume 12 of a 15 book series (1997-1999) that is the most complete works of Robert E. Howard published in Russian. A total of 20 volumes were originally planned.

   Врата империи (Gates of Empire)
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