Frontier Times Volume 14 Number 4
J. Marvin Hunter
Year :
January 1937
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (7 x 10.5 inches)
Pages : 48
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Unknown
   Frontier Times Volume 14 Number 4
Other editions:

"The Ghost of Camp Colorado"
Non-REH Contents
"How Van Horn, Texas, Got Its Name"
by Colonel M. L. Crimmins, U. S. A., Retired

"Whitlock Massacre Retold" by anonymous
"Old Tascosa, Cowboy Capital Of The Plains"
By Roscoe Logue
"Recounts Days Of Buffaloes And Indians" by anonymous
"Thundering Herd Times Recalled" by anonymous
"A Journey Through Texas In 1856"
by Frederick Law Olmsted (Continued from the previous month)
"Two Interesting Booklets" by anonymous
"The Blue Hills Of Bandera" by T. C.. Richardson
"Into the Setting Sun" by anonymous
"Let's Know Texas And Texans" by Will H. Mayes
"With The Spanish Explorers Of 1528-1542" by Dr. Robert T. Hill
"A Soldier Of Fortune In Texas" by anonymous
"William Henry Huddle, Texas Artist" by Mrs. Lucille Runnels Wright
"The Ku Klux Klan In Texas" by James A. Wright.
"Stoicism And Endurance Of The Indian" by anonymous
FRONTIER TIMES was published in Texas by
J. Marvin Hunter from October 1923 until December 1954.
The original has a tan cover.
In the 1970's, Western Publications reprinted most of the volumes.  
The reprint volumes have blue covers and were slightly smaller at
6.75 inches wide.
In 2004, the full and exclusive copyrights to all of these magazines were awarded to