Fantasy Commentator Volume 8 Number 1 & 2 (#45-46) 
A. Langley Searles
Year :
Winter 1993/1994
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11 inches, saddle stapled)
Pages : 146
Cover art : John Giunta
Illustrations : None
      Fantasy Commentator Volume 8 Number 1 & 2 (#45-46)
Other editions:

"Arkham" (poem)  
[First 4 lines only, See Notes]

"An Open Window" (poem)  
[First 4 lines only, See Notes]

Non-REH Contents
"Pages and Pages of Pohl" by· H. R. Felgenhauer
"Forgotten Fantasy Verse, I: Arthur Davison Ficke"
by A. Langley Searles (article)
"A World of Beauty" by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Speculations of a Mandarin"
by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Old Wives’ Tale" by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Strange Shadows" by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Perspective of Coordination"
by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Secret Instructions for Reaching Xanadu"
by Arthur Davison Ficke (poem)
"Eric Temple Bell and John Taine: Mathematics and Science-Fiction" by Douglas Robillard (article)
"A Collector’s Saga" by Sam Moskowitz (article)
"The House of the Sun" by John Howard (poem)
"Alien or Kin?" by K. V. Bailey (article)
Three Poems by Andrew Darlington
"Labyrinth of Strange Affinity"

"The Lichen Manuscript/Mars is a District of Sheffield"
"Escalator to Andromeda/For a 1950’s S-F Writer"

Book Reviews
"The Children of Men" by P. D. James
Review by A. Langley Searles
"Hocus Pocus" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Review by H. R. Felgenhauer
"Mary Shelley: Romance and Reality"
Emily W. Sustein
Review by Steve Eng
"Mary Shelley" by Allene Stuart Phy
Review by Steve Eng
"One Who Walked Alone: Robert E. Howard: The Final Years" by Novalyne Price Ellis
Review by Allan Howard

"Peter Rugg, the Bostonian"
by Louise Imogen Guiney (poem)
"The Science-Fiction of Nat Schachner" [Part 3 of 3]
by Sam Moskowitz (article)
Three Poems by Steve Sneyd
"Setting Out Her Stall"

"Days of Glory"
"Designer of Starships"
"Myopia" by Steve Eng (poem)
"Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Eros or Agape?"
by Edward W. O’Brien, Jr.  (article)
"Dream Protocols" by Lee Ballentine
Review by K. V. Bailey
"I. Asimov" by Isaac Asimov
Review by
Sam Moskowitz
"Science-Fiction and Poetry: An Interview with Duncan Lunan" by Steve Sneyd (interview)
"Roald Dahl: A Biography" by Jeremy Treglown
Review by Lincoln Van Rose
"Science-Fiction in the Depression"
by· Mike Ashley  (article)
"The Rockets that Reached Saturn"
by Vachel Lindsay (poem)
"In Coils of Earthen Hold" bySteve Sneyd
Review by Lee Becker
"The Immortal Storm II: A History of Science-Fiction Fandom: Part One" by Sam Moskowitz (article)
"Pioneer Publisher: An Interview with Lloyd Eshbach"  by Eric Leif Davin  (interview)
Sonnets of Space by Lloyd A. Eshbach
"The Wanderer"
"The Martian Cry" (poem)
"Voyagers Through Eternity: A History of Science-Fiction from the Beginning to H.G. Wells"
[Part 14 of 16] by Sam Moskowitz (article)
Editor: A. Langley Searles
Both poems are just the first four lines which were expanded by Lee Becker into a 14 line sonnet.
Searles published twenty-eight issues of Fantasy Commentator between 1943 and 1953, then resumed publication in 1978 with number 29; the last issue appeared in 2004.