Fantasia #11/12
Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club
Year :
November 1981 
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : Unknown
Cover art : Gabriel Nemeth
Illustrations : Unknown
   Fantasia #11-12   
Other editions:

"Zwei Tore" ("The Twin Gates") (poem)
Translated by Eva Eppers.
"The Song of the Bats" (lines 1-6, poem, English)
"The Skull in the Clouds" (poem, English)
"Zukala's Hour" (lines 37-40, poem, English)
"The Men That Wa1k With Satan" (poem, English)
"The Tempter" (poem, English)
Non-REH Contents
"Der Barde aus dem Schatten" ("The Bard from the Shadow") by Fred Blosser  (article)
Translated by Andreas Decker

The remaining contents are unknown.

Language: German unless otherwise noted