Famous Someday
The Cimmerian Press
Year : October 2018
Book No. : ASIN: B07JB2W4P2
Edition : 1st
Format : eBook (Kindle)
Pages : 209
Cover design : Leo Grin
Illustrations : Unknown
       Famous Someday
Other editions:

"He Was Deadly" by Don Herron                                   
From THE CIMMERIAN V1N3 (August 2004)

"The Last of the Baker Kids" by Don Herron                        
From THE CIMMERIAN V3N3 (March 2006)
"COnun and TarZAN" by Don Herron                 
From THE CIMMERIAN V3N6 (June 2006)
"Robert’ll be Famous Someday" by Don Herron
From THE CIMMERIAN V3N10 (October 2006)
"It is My Desire" by Don Herron    
From THE CIMMERIAN V3N9 (September 2006)
"Ur Gent" by Don Herron            
From THE CIMMERIAN V3N8 (August 2006)

Edited by Don Herron
Kindle utilizes the mobi format.
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