Das Haus des Grauens (The House of Horrors)
Erich Pabel Verlag KG
Year :
September 1977  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 145
Cover : Unknown
Illustrations : None
  Das Haus des Grauens
Other editions:

"Vorwort" ("Foreword") by Hugh Walker
Letter to H. P. Lovecraft ca. July 1933,
"Glad we got the physical-mental question . . ."
(excerpt only)
The excerpt starts with "I was eighteen when I wrote "Spear and Fang . . ."
and ends with ". . . I was the first man in this section to earn his living as a writer."

Refer to The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard Volume Three: 1933-1936, Letter #227, page 63.
The excerpt is on pages 80 (2nd sentence, 2nd paragraph) to 82 (last line, first paragraph).
"Der Grabhügel" ("The Cairn on the Headland")
"Im Forst von Villefère" ("In the Forest of Villefere")
"Der Wolfsdämon" ("Wolfshead")
"Der schwarze Stein" ("The Black Stone")
"Das Ding auf dem Dach" ("The Thing on the Roof")
"Das Haus des Grauens" ("Pigeons from Hell")

Language: German
Translated by Eduard Lukschandl
Series: Vampire Horror Stories No. 52