Crônicas de Espada e Magia (Chronicles of Sword and Sorcery) 
Arte & Letra / Argonautas
Year : April 2013
Book No. :
ISBN-13:  978-85-64076-08-2
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 344
Cover art :
Kekai Kotaki
Illustrations :

"O Vale do Verme" ("The Valley of the Worm")
Translated by Cesar Alcázar
Non-REH Contents
"Introdução" ("Introduction") by Cesar Alcázar
"O Sinal da Forca" by Carlos Orsi
"A Cidade do Sonhar" ("The Dreaming City") by Michael Moorcock
Translated by Gabriel Oliva Brum
"A Vingança Chega Para Todos" by Thiago Tizzot
"Encontro Fatídico em Lankhmar" ("Ill Met in Lankhmar") by Fritz Leiber
Translated by Gabriel Oliva Brum
"Cavalos?" by Max Mallmann
"Crepúsculo de Dois Sóis" ("Two Suns Setting") by Karl Edward Wagner
Translated by Cesar Alcázar
"Anta das Virgens" by Ana Cristina Rodrigues
"As Canções Solitárias de Laren Dorr" ("The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr") by George R. R. Martin
Translated by Cesar Alcázar
"O Bebedor de Almas" by Roberto Causo
"Onde Mora a Virtude" ("Where Virtue Lives") by Saladin Ahmed
Translated by Cesar Alcázar
Language:  Portuguese
Organized by Cesar Alcázar
Joint publication by Arte & Letra and Argonautas
Published in Brazil
The titles without English translation in the short stories above were written originally in Portuguese by Brazilian authors.

   Crônicus de Espada e Magia
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