Cormac Mac Art
Year :
January 1983
April 1985 (2nd printing)
Book No. : ISBN-10: 2-7304-0180-6
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 162
Cover art : Jean-Michel Nicollet
Illustrations : None
   Cormac Mac Art       
Other editions:
Fleuve Noir

"The Rebirth of Patrick Ervin" by Francois Truchaud
"Les Tigres de la mer" ("Tigers of the Sea")
 (completed by Richard Tierney)
"Les Epées de mers nordiques"
("Swords of the Northern Sea")
"La Nuit du loup" ("Night of the Wolf")
"Le Temple de l'abomination"
("The Temple of Abomination")
 (completed by Richard Tierney)
"La Maison d'Arabu" ("The House of Arabu")
Translated by Francois Truchaud.
Fantasy / SF / Adventure Book #66
Robert E. Howard Book #7 of 37
Language: French