Cormac Mac Art #3 (of 4)
Dark Horse Comics
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical - Comic book
Pages : 36 (including covers)
Cover art : John Bolton
Illustrations : See below
Cormac Mac Art #3
Cormac Mac Art #3

Other editions: None


"Golka of the Moon" (24 pages)
Freely adapted from "Night of the Wolf"
Writer: Roy Thomas
Co-plotter: Dann Thomas
Art: E. R. Cruz

This four issue series is freely adapted from "The Temple of Abomination," "Tigers of the Sea," "Night of the Wolf," and "Swords of the Northern Sea." Roy Thomas combined aspects of these stories into one long story arc. The third issue depicted here is primarily adapted from "Night of the Wolf."
"Runes" (letter column)

Editor: Randy Stradley
Cormac Mac Art #3 of 4