Conan l'usurpatore
Editrice Nord
Year :
October 1977    
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket (12.4 x 19.5 centimeters)
Pages : xiii plus 198
Cover art : Frank Frazetta
Illustrations : None
Conan l'usurpatore      
Other editions:

"Presentazione" by  L. Sprague de Camp
Mappa (Hyborian Age Map)
"Il tesoro di Tranicos" ("The Treasure of Tranicos") with L. Sprague de Camp
"Lupi oltre la frontiera" ("Wolves Beyond the Border") completed by L. Sprague de Camp
"La fenice sulla lama" ("The Phoenix on the Sword")
"La cittadella scarlatta" ("The Scarlet Citadel")

Language: Italian
Series: Fantacollana 19
Translated by Giusi Riverso
Edited by Renato Prinzhofer and Riccardo Valla
Polish edition of CONAN THE USURPER (Lancer).