Conan il guerriero
Editrice Nord
Year :
January 1981  
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket (12.4 x 19.5 centimeters)
Pages : vi plus 236
Cover art : Frank Frazetta
Illustrations : None
Conan il guerriero    
Other editions:

"Introduzione" by  L. Sprague de Camp
Mappa (Hyborian Age Map)
"Chiodi rossi" ("Red Nails")
"Le gemme di Gwahlur" ("Jewels of Gwalhur")
"Oltre il fiume nero" ("Beyond the Black River")

Language: Italian
Series: Fantacollana 36
Translated by Roberta Rambelli
Edited by Sandro Pergameno
Polish edition of CONAN THE WARRIOR (Lancer).