Conan i skarb Tranicosa 
Wydawnictwo Amber
Year :
Book No. : ISBN-10: 837169878X
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover (13 x 20 centimeters)
Pages : 160
Cover art : Sanjulian
Illustrations : Esteban Maroto 
   Conan i skarb Tranicosa
Other editions:


"Skarb Tranikosa" ("The Treasure of Tranicos")  

Non-REH Contents
"Przedmowa" ("Foreword") by L. Sprague de Camp
"The Treasure of Tranicos" by L. Sprague de Camp
The background behind the story.

"Skald in the Post Qaks" by L. Sprague de Camp

Language: Polish
Translated by Marcin Stadnik
Series: Conan, Book 58
This Polish Conan series ran for a total of 72 volumes.
The first nine were published by Wydawnictwo PiK.
The remaining volumes were published by Wydawnictwo Amber.
Only books 1-5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 58 contained REH material.
The remainder were Conan pastiches containing material by L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, and others.
The pastiches were mostly reprints of the U.S. titles originally published by Ace, Bantam, and TOR, but their were also some additional pastiches written by Russian writers.