Conan der Krieger
Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
Year :
1971 (See notes)
Book No. : Heyne No. 3258
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 143
Cover art : Herbert Bruck
Illustrations : Unknown
        Conan der Krieger
Other editions:




"Vorwort" ("Introduction") by L. Sprague de Camp
"Aus den Katakomben" ("Red Nails")
"Der Schatz von Gwahlur" ("Jewels of Gwahlur")
"Jenseits des Schwarzen Flusses" ("Beyond the Black River")

Language: German
Translated by Fritz Moeglich
Abridged edition.
In the 1970's, all German paperbacks had a standard page count of 142 or 158 pages for technical reasons. 

The Introduction is the same Introduction that appeared in the Heyne CONAN (#3202).
Based on CONAN THE WARRIOR (Lancer)
Subsequent editions
2nd - 197?
3rd - 1973
4th - 1976