Zwarte Beertjes
Year :
Book No. : 1714
ISBN: 90-229-1714-2

Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 190
Cover art : Julius de Goede
Illustrations : None
Other editions: None


"Introduction" by Aart C. Prins
"Het Hyboriaanse tijdperk"
("The Hyborian Age" Part 1)

"De toren van de olifant"
("The Tower of the Elephant")

"De zaal der doden" ("The Hall of the Dead")
completed by
  L. Sprague de Camp
"De god in de schaal" ("The God in the Bowl")
"Schurken in huis" ("Rogues in the House")
"De hand van Nergal" ("The Hand of Nergal")
completed by Lin Carter

Language: Dutch
Zwarte Beertjes (Black Bears) is an imprint of A.W. Bruna & Zoon.
Translated by Pon Ruiter except "The Hyborian Age" and "The Tower of the Elephant" which were translated by Frits Lancel.
Art Director: Paul Groenendaal
Reprint of Lancer's CONAN.