Comic Forum No. 15
Wolfgang Alber
Year :
September 1982  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 80
Cover : Renato Casaro
Illustrations : John Buscema, Neal Adams, Barry Smith, Tim Conrad
      Comic Forum No. 15
Other editions:

"Cimmeria" (poem, German)
Translation: Hermann Urbanek
"Cimmeria" (poem, English, comic story, 5 pages)
Adaptation by Roy Thomas
Illustrated by Barry Smith (pencils) and Tim Conrad (inks)

Reprinted from Marvel Comics SAVAGE TALES #2, October 1973.
"Robert E. Howard" by Peter Killian (article)
"Conan - ein Kind der Zivilisationsmüdigkeit" by Patric Gettmann (article)
Illustrated by John Buscema and Neal Adams
Non-REH Contents
Buck Danny (comic story, 2 pages)
Script: Victor Hubinon
Pencils: Victor Hubinon; André Franquin (Gaston)
Inks: Victor Hubinon; André Franquin (Gaston)

Jonathan (comic story, 8 pages)
Script: Bernard Cosendai [as Cosey]
Pencils: Bernard Cosendai [as Cosey]
Inks: Bernard Cosendai [as Cosey]

Spirit Jam (comic story, 12 pages)
Will Eisner; Denis Kitchen; Cat Yronwode; Fred Hembeck; Michael T. Gilbert; Trina Robbins; Steve Leialoha
Will Eisner; Denis Kitchen; Mike Newhall; Fred Hembeck; Michael T. Gilbert; Trina Robbins; Steve Leialoha
Will Eisner; Denis Kitchen; Fred Hembeck; Michael T. Gilbert; Leslie Cabarga; Alan Weiss; Steve Leialoha
Translation: Markus Tschernegg

Language: German